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Frequently asked questions

What´s the difference between AquaClean® and other various liquid repellents on the market? What are the advantages?

Liquid repellents are effective when a stain is on the surface because they block the entry of penetrating liquid for a few minutes. Once the stain has penetrated the tissue then most repellents cease to be effective and it then becomes difficult to clean the fabric completely due to debris that has already embedded into the fabric. This is a clear disadvantage for the removal of stains, oversights and neglected spots.

The AquaClean® Technology not only acts as liquid repellents but also as a facilitator for cleaning. Allowing stains on the fabric to pass water through the fibres more easily, thus simplifying the cleaning process and facilitating the removal of the stain.

Does AquaClean® have any PFCs

No. AquaClean® contains no PFCs. PFC (Perfluorocarbons) are artificial substances that have been used in the textile industry because they are efficient at repelling water, oils and grease and dirt in general. But their production processes, cleaning and elimination at the end of their usable lifespan convert these compounds into a threat for human beings, as this type of substance can accumulate in living tissue and potentially cause cancer. They are also a hazard for the environment, because they are not biodegradable and have an extremely long lifespan. In view of these drawbacks, the European Commission is now urgently drawing up a proposal to reduce the use of these compounds while listing them as hazardous substances which should no longer be used.

At AquaClean® we think it is our responsibility towards future generations to avoid the use of these substances and we strongly recommend that you do not use or come into contact with PFCs for both your health and that of your family.

Is AquaClean® a clean and eco-friendly product?

Fabrics with AquaClean® Technology have been certified with the Made in Green® registered trademark, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances in fabrics and that the manufacturing process does respect the environment.

Can i wash cushions in my washing machine?

AquaClean® can be washed in a washing machine.

Please check the product label in any case because different textiles require specific types of washing as regards temperature, ironing, etc.

Is it still effective if the stain has been on the fabric for various days?

AquaClean® Technology is just as effective however long the stain has been on the fabric

Can i use alcohol to clean stains?

AquaClean® does not recommend alcohol or any other kind of solvent for cleaning textile fabrics.

Alcohol and other solvents degrade the fibres and other components and negatively affect the useful life of upholstered furniture.

What kind of stains can i remove with AquaClean®?

At present, we haven't found any kind of household stain that resists AquaClean®! Sauces, shoe polish, hot or cold liquids, fizzy drinks, cakes... whatever.

AquaClean® has passed all laboratory tests with flying colours, even when faced with tough stains like permanent marker pens. Although it is true that in the toughest cases you may need to use a little soap diluted in water, or rub the stain with a bar of hand soap before cleaning with water.