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For more than 60 years service to the customer

Founded in 1949, our company has developed due to our excellent contacts to the market, as well as the commitment of all employees to a leading textile publishers in Germany.

Besides the production of furniture fabrics we are also a manufacturer of metal parts for furniture and powder surface coatings. We are producing customized products for many well-known companies.

We are a family since the beginning. This is the key to expect from our company reliability. Whether in the field of textile know-how, organization, advice or Just-In-Time Management - there is always one person responsible and competent partner.

Our activities are focused always on the needs of the market to meet your needs quickly and reliably. A high degree of responsibility for environmentally friendly products and processes is a matter of course.

Michael Jung

Textil is a medium for shaping our environment, a wealth of colors, nature is modeled. The pleasure of expressing ourselves through colors, shapes and effects is a pulse which distinguishes man individually us apart.

Through cooperation with studios and producers from across Europe we formed acollections which is unique and beautiful.

3D Textiles | SpacerFabrics

Due to the number of simultaneously usable yarn materials, provides various construction and thus uses.

SpacerFabrics are used in the fields of air feed, orthoses, mattresses, filter technology and many more. Different hardnesses, thicknesses and widths are provided by the portfolio of Zellner HighTex and AURELIO HAUS.


1949 | Foundation of a trading company based in Michelau - Upper Franconia.

1952 | Start of production of metal components for the furniture industry in Itzgrund / Kaltenbrunn.

1953 | Production of shank flat fabrics for the home textile industry.
1970 | New construction of the 1st production hall in the new industrial area. The first machines for the production of Velvets are set up.

1974 - 1987 | New construction of div. Production and warehouses.
1988 | Construction of the production of jacquard fabrics as flat fabric and velvets.
1995 | By qualifying at Deutsche Bahn, the production of flat fabrics and velours for European railways in Trevira CS and wool.

1996 | Zellner launches the production of technical textiles.

2000 | Relocation of the administrative and shipping departments to the industrial area.

2007 | Zellner-Textil founds the textile publishing house "AURELIO HAUS" with an international, extensive stock assortment and thus immediate availability of all items.
2010 | Zellner-Textil relocates its production to a network of national and international specialists.
2012 | Zellner-Metall is significantly expanding its customer base as an international partner of the top companies in the office chair industry.

2013 | Aurelio Haus is the new distribution partner for selected collections of the international flagship brand "AquaClean".

2019 | Aurelio Haus brings the famous US brand "Crypton" to the German market. Crypton has been well-known in the United States for 25 years and is proven for specialty nursing home development. Hospitals, restaurants, hotels, offices and living.